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We are a Mexican company founded in 1998, specializing in the production and printing of promotional plastic items, developing and integrating technological solutions based on different printing systems, systems that guarantee quality in the final result.

Mission: Manufacturing and provide our clients with promotional items of high quality, practical, functional and with innovative designs that help to generate a greater approach of your brand with your customers creating a positive experience that allows them to strengthen the presence as a company and at the same time, strengthen it relationship with them.

Vision: Having a presence in the market of promotional plastic products as a major reference through the constant innovation of new products and designs that complement and strengthen the positioning of companies commercial brands in the competitive market.

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1.- The first purchase of any of our products of interest (or without printing) should be a box closed specifically by color and type of item avoiding combinations in both aspects.

2.- Social reason to invoice.

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Say no to disposable and yes to reusable!

The pollution increases in red numbers and the consequences are reflected in the seas, rivers and corners of the field.

The choice of a common element, such as a plastic cup, can represent a point in favor of nature when it’s used so many times and its material is used in the recycling process.

So, why a reusable glass?

  • They are cheaper because it reduces the number of purchases when they are reused.
  • They can be recycled to make other types of items such as pots, benches, cup holders, pens, among others.
  • It can be washed and reused without affecting the material.
  • They are made of polypropylene, a suitable material for contact with food.
  • Polypropylene is more respectful with the environment and contributes to the recycling process.
  • Savings in CO2 emissions and raw materials.

Impresos Yga encourages environmental awareness by making its products based on polypropylene and by launching agave fiber glasses! in support of a better environment...



Used in the reproduction of images on plastic, it is based on the transfer of ink through a subject and tensioned mesh to a frame; Areas where there is no image are blocked by varnish. The advantages of this method consist in a longer duration of the designs adhered, tolerance to wear and loss of color. On the other hand, 1 to 4 direct inks are used.

Dry Off Set

This method consists of applying the ink on a metal plate which will pass through a cylinder covered in flexible material, this cylinder receives the image to transfer it by means of pressure to the printed surface having a higher quality finish.


Technique based on the transfer of ink by means of a inked plate in small holes to a silicone or rubber pad and then pass through direct pressure to the surface of the article to be printed. The printing spaces should be small but the advantage of this commercial method is that it allows printing very quickly with fine detail. 1 or 2 direct inks are used.

In Mold Labeling

Printing designs with photo quality in large areas regardless of whether they are flat, curved or round.